Full-Spectrum Light (issue 19)

Around the world different people are talking about how they use full-spectrum lighting in their day-to-day lives.  We feature some of the best here.


How to Grow Lily Pads in an Aquarium | Flowers
Install a strong full spectrum florescent light into the aquarium cover. This will speed the growth of the plant. The lillies will grow very slowly under dim aquarium lights and may not form the long shoots that become lily pads. …


Jewelry Day » Finding Started With Wire Jewelry Creating
You can find particular varieties of lighting and bulbs obtainable that simulate natural sun light. Just do a search on-line and also you will most undoubtedly discover a thing. Full spectrum bulbs are close to natural sunlight. …


Daily Workouts Establish Morning Routine | Daily Workout
First, I drink coffee while I check my email, illuminated by a full spectrum light placed a few inches from my head. The bright light helps fool my brain chemicals into believing the sun is shining, thus helping to …


Immigrants: Do this to help yourself | Welcome to English Around …
Solution: Buy a full-spectrum light. It helps trick your brain into thinking there is sunlight, and your body will change your mood. (email me to find out where to get full-spectrum lights.) Solution: Check with your doctor if you need …


Happy With What You Have – Feng Shui Tips for the Home
If you get depressed or sad in the winter, you need a full spectrum sun light. One of my fave ways to accentuate light is to put prisms in the windows so that little rainbows dance all around. In the evening, soft lighting is …


Seasonally Affective Disorder?
Light therapy means that you use a product to give your eyes some full-spectrum light. This can be achieved by using full-spectrum light bulbs in your house. The bulbs need to be full spectrum, not just the light blue bulbs that reduce …


The Effects of Natural White Lights on Your Body
Meanwhile, research has already been conducted regarding full spectrum lights and fluorescent lighting. It has been found that full-spectrum, natural light is better for the human body than any other form of artificially produced …


Pet lizard care basics: Basic care for lizards as pets. | scoopONpets
Some lizards need full spectrum UVA and UVB light. In the wild, they get it from the sunlight. In an enclosure, special Ultraviolet lights are needed to be set up. Temperature in the tank varies between the species of lizards. …

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