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Life on a Leaf – a total work of art

Friday, November 6th, 2009

Have you ever wondered why among all these millions of box shaped buildings, you will never see a house shaped like a shoe, a flower or a leaf?


This is the question, which set out artist Jan-Erik Andersson on a long and adventurous journey to build his own leaf shaped house in the middle of Turku city in Finland. The house project, called Life on a Leaf, is also the art part of Andersson’s studies for a doctorate degree in visual arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in Helsinki.


The light design in the house is inspired by the manager of AD LUX, Ilkka Pekanheimo’s ideas about using full spectrum light sources and indirect light. All lights, except from the installion in the dining room with 26 retro lamps from the 60:ties and 70:ties, are Viva-Lite full spectrum flourescent lights, many of them dimmable.